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Featuring a full service exercise facility, the latest equipment, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff, Parkpoint is the perfect place to relax, re-energize, and rediscover a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy swimming, lifting, cycling, and a variety of fun classes. And when the workout is over, relax with a steam, massage, sauna, or a treat from our cafe. It's your choice—and your club!

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Active Release Techniques, or ART, is cutting edge, gold standard manual therapy designed to release scar tissue from your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Using specific protocols to separate tissues, it is often the missing piece for both acute and chronic injuries. ART is great for many muscle/joint complaints including plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, golfers and tennis elbow, runners knee, chronic IT Band complaints, back and neck issues, and more! Dr Augé is offering a 20% off introductory special during the months of March and April! For more information, please contact Nancy at (707) 849-0045. View flyer


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Parkpoint Health Club is a private membership club. We offer a variety of memberships for individuals, couples, families, students, and businesses. Check out our video and see what we’re all about! Contact member services for more details at each club.


Need Help Reaching Your Goals?

Compass Health Assessment Center (right next door to our Sonoma Club) is a unique collaboration with Sonoma Valley Hospital and offers Health Navigation Sessions, Medical Health Metrics, Exercise Plans, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Management tools, and more!

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