Parkpoint’s Junior Club provides a stimulating, fun environment and quality care for our members’ children. We welcome children ages 3 months to 12 years, and carefully limit our child-to-staff ratio to ensure a safe and pleasant stay. All staff members are experienced child care workers who have had background checks and are CPR-certified. We encourage children to bring nut-free snacks or meals for snack break.

Junior Club usage is available to members while they work out for a maximum visit of two hours. Reservations are highly recommended and may be made up to 48 hours in advance. Members can choose between a monthly membership, punch card, or an hourly drop-in fee. Call your club for reservations and applicable rates.

Here are some helpful tips for dropping off little ones in Junior Club and making sure it’s a pleasant time for them! Make sure they have a snack or bottle. This can be comforting if they’re having a hard time being away from mom or dad. Also, please be sure to bring a diaper bag. We don’t want to interrupt your workout for an extra diaper! Please let the staff know the last time your child has been fed or changed. We want everyone to be happy and feel good!

If your child is sick or showing signs of sickness, we ask that you keep them home. If they show certain symptoms (coughing, sneezing, runny or snotty nose, fever, etc.) while in Junior Club, we will ask you to take them home. Our number one priority is keeping our members and staff as healthy as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected].

Children age 11 and up are invited to take advantage of our free Teen Fitness Certification.


  • Monday–Thursday 7:45am–1pm & 3pm–7:30pm
  • Friday 7:45am–1pm
  • Saturday 8am–1pm

Just a couple of reminders…

  • Please be sure to sign your children in and out of Junior Club each day you bring them and fill in where you will be in the club. For example, fitness floor, pool, etc. This is extremely important in case we need to find parents.
  • Please do not leave the club to run errands while your children are in Junior Club. You must be on club premises at all times. If you are going for a run or bike ride, please let the Junior Club staff know when you are signing in.
  • Please leave all toys at home.

Please download and review our Junior Club Policies and Info, Parkpoint Health Club Guidelines for Juniors, and Parkpoint Health Club Guidelines for Teenagers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]. We appreciate your cooperation!