hand holding paintbrush and palette with dabs of colored oil paints

The artists exhibiting at Parkpoint Health Clubs are members of the club or our very own staff. The Buchanan family (Club owners) are delighted to showcase the art of their members and staff, and feel blessed to have their clubs enjoy such beautiful work. They are grateful to have so many talented artists in all three clubs. It has been a pleasure to share their appreciation of art with all the members and Parkpoint community.

Stop by to see the current exhibits on display!

Parkpoint Healdsburg is proud to currently feature the artwork of:

Cassie Bull


A long-time Parkpoint member and resident of Sonoma County, Cassie is a painter, fabric artist, movement facilitator, and college professor.  She has spent most of her life teaching others to access creativity and vitality through movement, words, breath, and creative process.

Cassie’s paintings represent a multi-layered journey of words and thoughts, emotions, colors, and forms. A painting might start with grief, then turn through joy into the emergence of a surprising image or theme. The forms that emerge become an invitation to the artist to move more deeply into herself. Each one is a revelation of experience, and a signpost on a journey of personal evolution. No painting ever feels finished, but there comes a time when it is sent into the world to continue its conversation with others.

Each painting is an invitation to you to notice the process of living, of expressing yourself in the deepest most authentic way possible and to experience what it means to be alive today, in this body and in this unique time.

For the past 18 years, Cassie has co-directed the LEAPYEAR program at her retreat center in the Alexander Valley. An accredited alternative year of college, her program has helped 600+ young people ages 17–24 find their way into empowered adulthood through overseas travel and volunteer work alternating with intensive inner-directed retreats focused on emotional literacy and rites of passage.

Cassie also works with individuals and groups, does ‘soul paintings’ for individuals in conjunction with a movement session, and invites a conversation that opens and forwards what is needed today, for your soul’s evolution.

Accompanying each painting is a poem or prose piece written as an integral part of the process of each painting. In purchasing any of Cassie’s paintings, you are purchasing a slice of her journey—a journey that is meant to continue with you.