man holding ball out to side


Jan Blalock

Jan Blalock, Fitness Director & Certified Personal Trainer

“What is going on around here?” “Where is my favorite machine?” “I can’t find anything anymore!” Do any of these statements sound familiar? In addition to “The place looks beautiful” “I can’t believe you got so much done in such a short time” and “Thank you for your hard work!”, we have heard concerns about the recent changes in our club. We hear you and want to help make this transition as smooth as possible!

Yes, we did remove a few machines. With the exception of the Radiant, these were machines that took up a fair amount of space and provided only one exercise for one body part. All of those exercises can be performed on other machines we still have or with free weights. We replaced the Radiant with the Dual Cable Cross, which can perform many of the same functions but takes up less space.

Our goal in freeing up floor space was to create more room to move and train and at the same time add more functional pieces that work multiple muscle groups and provide a more active/movement-based way to improve fitness. Sitting on a machine is great for those rehabilitating after surgery or injury, people new to exercise, and those wanting to isolate muscle groups, but if you are healthy and want to gain strength and mobility, functional exercises really need to be part of your workouts. Functional exercises mimic or enhance real life movement and physical work. Lifting free weights or your body weight, slamming a ball into the floor or catching it, carrying heavy items like a sand bag or water-filled log, pulling a rope, jumping or stepping up onto a box, suspending from a TRX, and performing exercises with your own bodyweight are all examples of functional fitness. While they may sound daunting, all can be adapted to your fitness level and abilities. Let our fitness staff show you how to use our new items and perhaps hire a trainer to design a workout for you!

Where did the machines go that we removed from the fitness floor? Most went to the Boys and Girls Club at the Juvenile Hall at Los Guilicos! We know that exercise improves focus plus mental and physical strength and well-being for these kids that need all the help and positive direction they can get! We are very proud to be able to help!