Fitness Tip

Fitness Tip


with Adrianne Butler

More often than not, the energetic body system is overlooked when we think of our health. It is difficult to connect with what we cannot see, but what we cannot see we often can feel—a recurring pain, an emotional state we just cannot move out of, or a pattern that has maybe taken a life of its own. When the body-mind-spirit goes through a traumatic event, the sympathetic nervous system ignites, and the body is in what we commonly call “fight or flight” mode. For a short time, the endorphins released into the body are quite helpful in getting us through the event. However, sometimes the body imprints the event until it becomes part of the nervous system pattern. It can take weeks, months, or years for the body to feel the physical effects of trauma (like a car accident as a young child, a hit to the head, or a fall from a swing), and by that time, the event itself is often long forgotten. Years later, neck or back pain can appear for “no reason.”

Cranial Sacral and Reiki work reach the energetic and nervous systems, beginning a shift. The parasympathetic nervous system is reached and elevated, so the body may feel a deep state of relaxation where healing can begin. Great for head or spinal cord injuries, headaches, chronic neck or back pain, ear or eye challenges, PTSD, stress and tension, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to name a few.

Adrianne will be providing club members the opportunity to experience this deep relaxation and healing on Mondays 9am–2pm at Parkpoint Healdsburg!