Feeling stressed? Little or no energy? Constantly craving sweets? Can’t lose that last 5-10 pounds?

Imagine yourself clear-headed, vibrant, fit, and healthy! Eighty percent of your success in being healthy is related to NUTRITION. Even if you exercise, your diet needs to come from a variety of wholesome and healthy foods to see lasting results.

Patty Torza, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, will assist you in making the healthy changes you need to reach your goals. She has a non-dogmatic approach to nutrition that is highly individualized and results-oriented. Brochures and more info available at the Front Desk.

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Over the course of my nutrition consults, people ask me what constitutes a healthy diet. Well, there are many healthy “diets” but one thing they have in common is that they come from “whole foods,” foods as they are found in nature, minimally processed if at all, fresh, seasonal, organically grown, and locally sourced. While this sounds like a mouthful, it can be simple if we seek out local farmers (through farmer’s markets or direct to the farm) and/or grow our own food. We can get our food from CSAs (community supported agriculture)—boxes of fresh produce delivered right to our doorsteps, and we can also purchase meats/seafood through CSAs (called MCSAs). Fortunately, we live in an area that has an abundance of farmers and farmer’s markets, as well as local community markets and the like.

If you buy local, organic food, you avoid the pitfalls of our national food supply such as food grown on depleted soils sprayed with chemicals, irradiation, genetically modified organisms, packaging in plastic and styrofoam, and lastly, shipped often from thousands of miles away which reduces the freshness and vitamin/mineral content of the product.

A healthy diet is one that feeds our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. It is not about deprivation or starvation. A healthy diet should be our everyday way of eating, not something we go on and off of every so often! A diet that incorporates whole foods gives us the fundamental tools to maintain and repair our bodies as well as gives us energy. A diet should have us “eating for health” rather than for weight loss. A body out of balance will probably be carrying excess weight along with fatigue, mood swings, and frequent bouts of illness. Whole foods give us energy that is stable, deep, and persistent. Refined foods provide energy that is short-lived, superficial, and draining! Eating healthily is about satisfying sustenance that supports energy & vitality wrapped up in delectable flavors that never gets tiring or boring. Now that’s a diet I can live with!

If you’d like to know more about whole foods and specifically what you should be eating to look and feel great, contact me for a nutritional consult. I can be reached at 510.612.1809.

Eat well and enjoy the journey!


Patty Torza has been in the Fitness Profession since 1973 as an athlete, teacher, administrator, coach, trainer, and lecturer. She has been a Nutrition Consultant since 2002 and was Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition from 2008-2017. Patty counsels individuals and designs customized nutritional plans that support her client’s goals as well as their unique and individual needs. She also frequently lectures on nutrition to small and large groups. Patty believes that health is an essential human right, and that each one of us needs to pay attention to our own health & wellness and seek out health care practitioners who are willing to be our partners in health.