We offer a variety of small group Pilates reformer training classes for all levels, designed to give you individualized attention. See our Pilates Class Schedule and visit the class or contact the instructor directly. If there is a day or time you would like that is not currently offered, contact Pilates Director Dahdri McCormick at (707) 385-2500 ext 15 or [email protected], and we will try to form a new class for you!

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Nancy Codding

Nancy is a certified Pilates Mat and Reformer instructor from Balanced Body. She is also a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and martial arts instructor with numerous years of experience. Nancy enjoys creating personalized fitness programs, including those for clients with special needs. She is dedicated to motivating clients to establish and meet their fitness goals. Nancy’s infectious enthusiasm and personal commitment to creating a positive and  informed experience for each student makes her a sought-after instructor!

Dahdri McCormick

Dahdri McCormick (Pilates Director) holds a BS degree in Food Science and Nutrition from SDSU and a professional certificate in Health Mgmt/Fitness Instruction from UCSD. With over 32 years in the fitness industry, Dahdri holds numerous certifications in personal training, Pilates, aquatic fitness, and group exercise. Dahdri specializes in core fitness, balance, and stabilization training, and enjoys training all fitness levels. “Fitness is a dynamic process; our needs change and vary at different phases of our lives. I enjoy investigating and identifying those needs for each individual and working with them to find the highest level of function and performance to enjoy life and activity!”

Vicky McEnhill

Vicky has completed the Pilates Reformer certification through the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC). Vicky is a favorite long-time personal trainer here at Parkpoint and joins the Pilates training staff with an emphasis on postural assessment to help strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles to improve and enhance function.

Sabrina Mitchell

Sabrina has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years and is dedicated to ongoing education and training. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Group Exercise Instructor, Reebok Certified Cycling Instructor, and has taken numerous courses and trainings over the years. She has been a Group Exercise Instructor with Parkpoint since 1985 and specializes in both strength and effective cardio training. As a Pilates Personal Trainer, Sabrina trained with Balanced Body University and completed Levels I–IV in reformer as well as mat training. With her diverse background, Sabrina is able to train clients of all ages and fitness levels either on the fitness floor or in the Pilates Studio. She specializes in addressing muscular imbalances, strengthening and stabilizing the core, and staying fit as we age. Sabrina has the unique ability to connect with any individual and create a program based on their needs and abilities.

Sarah O’Donnell

Sarah fell in love with Pilates while serving as an Officer in the Navy but really saw the power of Pilates while utilizing it solely to rehab after bilateral knee surgeries. She left the military and corporate worlds to pursue her passion for Pilates to help others gain strength, flexibility, and endurance to live their best life. She is Stott Pilates Matwork and Reformer certified and has a Bachelor of Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.