Scott Butler’s TigerKick and TK-Teen contemporary martial arts programs offer your child confidence, exercise, self-discipline, and more! TigerKick combines elements of martial arts, obstacles courses, exercise routines, and games to create a fun, fast-paced, calorie-burning fitness program for kids ages 4 and up. Sharing elements with the the adult TK-Fit class, the TigerKick program creates a full family fitness experience for children to share with their parents to help grow fit and healthy families in our community.

To keep kids engaged and motivated, the popular TigerKick program features a unique avatar system—eleven powerful animals denoting levels of advancement. This system creates an exciting way for kids to set goals and measure their progress as they learn new fitness skills and advance to new avatar levels.

TigerKick Kids (Ages 4–9)

  • This program is currently paused.

TK-Teen (Ages 10–15)

  • This program is currently paused.

$85 per month (individual member)
$95 per month (non-member)
$10 discount for each additional family member
$60 Custom TigerKick Avatar Uniform

For more information contact Scott Butler at (707) 849-0380 or email [email protected].