March 27, 2020

Dear Parkpoint Members,

As we will need to stay closed until April 15 or until further notice, your Fitness Directors, Group Exercise Directors, and Managers are working diligently to provide at home workouts that are accessible through a variety of means! Our staff are looking forward to connecting with you to inspire, motivate, and keep you on track even though we can’t all be together at the club! And don’t forget, you can access videos and workouts that staff from any of our locations have created—so mix it up and start working out with staff from all three clubs!

Here are some of the current options to help keep you well and on track while at home:


Stay connected, get tips, & find your WOD (Workout of the Day).


We’re continually updating our online workouts.


Next week, we will have a schedule available for you to have live interaction with our staff through Zoom! We’ll have a mix of your favorite group exercise classes, workouts with your favorite trainers, SIP (Shelter-In-Place) social time, and more! Download Zoom now (you can create your own Zoom account for free so that you can be ready to connect when we send details and instructions on how to participate!


If you currently have a MyZone belt, be sure to wear it during all of your workouts, connect with other MyZone users through the social platform, post photos of your workouts, and encourage one another! Many of our staff are on the social platform and are looking forward to giving you kudos and motivation!


Don’t forget that there are many online resources to help get your workouts in, such as We’ll be adding to our online workout library as well, so more details and options coming next week!

We hope these tools will help you all stay strong, healthy, and connected. Remember that we are all in this together, and Parkpoint is here for you in any possible way.

Be well,
Your Parkpoint Team!

March 20, 2020

To our Loyal Members,

We miss seeing all of your bright smiling faces at club. We hope to see you all soon. Below is an update as of today and a few things we have in the works.

  • We are processing membership dues credits for the period of March 15 – 31. (Our hearts were touched by the support of so many of our members who generously opted out of receiving a credit in attempts to support our staff and the clubs. Thank you to all of you!)
  • You will not be charged for membership dues for the month of April. No need to freeze your account or go on Leave of Absence. We are processing membership dues credits for the period of March 15 – March 31 and you will receive a statement that reflects that. Please note that any charges accrued from March 1 – 15 (e.g., café, massage, other charges to your account for services) will be reflected on your April bill as normal.
  • We are diligently working on options to provide more resources for at-home workouts as we know that you are all missing your daily movement and inspiration from our inspiring staff! For now, our Fitness and Group Exercise Directors have created a mix of half-hour workouts that are geared toward being creative with what you have at home as well.

Here are some additional at home workout resources:

Thank you again for all of the support at this time. It is our collective community that gives us strength when faced with these tough challenges.

We will be sending out a more comprehensive email by the middle of next week with updates and additional information on workout options.

Be well, stay healthy. See you soon.

March 15, 2020

Dear Parkpoint Members and Staff:

Your Parkpoint Clubs management staff has been constantly evaluating the advice from medical officials regarding this unprecedented national health and safety emergency. Obviously COVID-19 transcends the borders of our Clubs and affects all our families and communities. While we have been taking numerous preventative measures in recent days, we have arrived at the conclusion that with 600 – 700 members entering each of our Clubs each day, the best way to protect our members and staff is to close the Clubs until we are advised that the peak of the epidemic has passed and it is safe to reopen.

We know many of you have developed relationships with our wonderful Staff. The Staff is the spirit and the lifeblood of the club so rest assured they will be compensated for their missed time. Additionally, Members can rightfully expect that they will not be required to pay dues for that period during which the Clubs are closed. That policy will result in credits to your account for the period from March 15–31. We will continue to be in communication with you as the situation evolves.

This decision to close is not undertaken lightly. We realize full well the impact it will have on all our daily lives. Parkpoint Clubs is striving to be a community leader rather than a follower. Thank you for your understanding and support at this challenging time for all people and all businesses. All of your Parkpoint Clubs Staff wish you good health until we can once again see you in person.


Bill Buchanan
[email protected]

Jennifer Couch
General Manager
[email protected]

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