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MyZone monitors heart rate, calories, and time exercising that convert into MyZone Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. Plus, you can view your workout efforts live on your smartphone, make connections and challenge friends, earn points, and gain status ranking. Get trustworthy results with 99.4% EKG accuracy!

If you currently have a MyZone belt, be sure to wear it during all of your workouts, connect with other MyZone users through the social platform, post photos of your workouts, and encourage one another! Many of our staff are on the social platform and are looking forward to giving you kudos and motivation!

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There are differences between the MZ1 and the MZ3 MyZone Heart Rate Monitor belts:

  • MZ1: This belt is the smaller of the two. It takes a button battery (you can’t charge it) that lasts up to about six months before needing replacement. When you’re working out, you need to make sure that your phone is either on your person or no further than 10 feet away. The belt doesn’t have any memory itself, so it needs to be constantly connected to and talking with your phone to save your workout.
  • MZ3: This belt is the bigger of the two belts and is the one that comes with a rechargeable battery (although it still only needs to be charged every six months or so). This belt does have memory and doesn’t need to be close to your phone to workout with. It is recommended that you open your MyZone app first, going to the ‘Workout’ tile and making sure that you see your heart rate displayed. This means the belt is working properly, and you can leave your phone wherever at this point. The MZ3 can store up to about 18 hours of exercise before being synced with your phone again, so make sure to open up your MyZone app and connect your belt often.

Be sure to put on and connect your belt properly so you don’t miss a single workout!

  1. Make sure the MyZone app is open and you have selected the “Workout” tile.
  2. Make sure your belt is on “Tight.” You want to make sure it has a solid connection and isn’t going to slip around while you’re working out.
  3. Before you start working out, wet the two black pads on your MyZone belt with either saliva or water. This is to make sure they have a good connection with your skin.
  4. On the MyZone app, make sure the app is still on the “Workout” tile and that you see your heart rate being displayed. If you see “searching for belt,” then adjust your belt or re-wet the black contact pads.
  5. Make sure you don’t exit the MyZone app at any point during your workout. If you close the app, it will stop recording your workout. Your screen can turn off, and that is fine, but you just want to make sure the app is still open.
  6. Check on your phone periodically to make sure you still see your heart rate displayed on the workout tile in MyZone. This means your belt is still working properly.
  7. Once you’re done with your workout, take the belt off and give the app at least 10 minutes to get itself together before trying to view your workout.
  8. The MyZone app will ask you to “rename” your move (workout) once its fully uploaded to MyZone. This is how you’ll know it is all done!