Work it all out—even while you're at work!

Centrally located in the Parkpoint Business Park, between College Avenue and Guerneville Road, our Santa Rosa Club is the perfect place to work out before, during, or after your workday.

Our full service facility includes swimming, court sports, classes, massages, and much more!

What's New 


We are proud to announce the addition of a Pilates Cadillac Trapeze Reformer—the ultimate in Pilates reformers! Purchase your first Pilates Reformer private session package and receive 10% off*This offer is ONLY available to new Pilates private session clients.

For a new workout challenge, try TGIF, an 8-week free series every Friday at 5:30pm. To challenge your core, learn how to use the TRX RIP Trainer—an unbeatable core training tool! Join one of our free clinics to learn “how-to!” Plus, check out the Shades of Glory (SOG) winners here!

Invite a friend to join the club at the best rate ever and when they do, you’ll receive a fun-in-the-sun Spring Bonus Gift! Spring into Fitness with Friends—It’s just more fun that way!

Membership Special


Becoming a Member

Parkpoint Health Club is a private membership club. We offer a variety of memberships for individuals, couples, families, students, and businesses. Check out our video and see what we’re all about! Contact member services for more details at each club.


Need Help Reaching Your Goals?

Compass Health Assessment Center (right next door to our Sonoma Club) is a unique collaboration with Sonoma Valley Hospital and offers Health Navigation Sessions, Medical Health Metrics, Exercise Plans, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Management tools, and more!