Fitness Tip


  1. Decide if you want to maintain your current weight or if you want to lose weight (or gain muscle). Most of us are just trying to maintain our body weight through the holidays but if you decide to lose weight, make sure it’s body fat weight and not muscle. You need muscle to keep your engine burning.
  2. Plan your week on Sunday. Check your calendar for the week ahead. See what days you have plans that will involve group functions with food and drink. Schedule your workouts so that they may offset some of the extra calorie intake on those specific days. It may mean waking up early one day to head to the gym. By scheduling your workouts into your calendar you’ll be more likely to stick to them.
  3. Cook at home as much as possible.Odds are you will be spending a good deal of time out this month. The only way you can 100 percent know what goes into your dishes is by cooking at home. Make healthy meals at home. Think light, fresh proteins and veggies. If you can eat really well in your own home, you won’t feel so guilty having a little extra when you go out.
  4. Keep snacks in convenient places.December is definitely a month where people run around, from work to shopping, visiting friends and family, and getting all the end of year chores completed. It’s easy to go for long periods without eating. I recommend keeping a protein bar or healthy snack on you. This way you won’t feel ravenous by the time you do get the chance to eat.
  5. Think about how many calories you’re drinking.Those “oh so good, yummy holiday coffee drinks” that we all love can be packed with over 500 calories! If you have two of those in one day, you’ve pretty much consumed at least half your calories for the day. Alcoholic beverages can also sneak up on you. Pay attention to how many you drink and what is in each of them. Try getting drinks with nonfat milk and low sugar flavoring.

Most of all enjoy this month. Think of how good you’ll feel in the new clothes you get as gifts if you work hard to keep your body the way you want it. By planning to take care of yourself this month, January won’t seem like such a struggle.