Manager’s Message

Santa Rosa


Jane Nieman, Manager

Racquetball News

We are at once delighted and saddened to announce that Barry Lynes is departing as our Racquetball Director for sunnier climes next year. Barry has been an excellent Director and huge asset to the club and the program. He is gifted with a keen sense of the game, teaching skills, a cooperative collaborative nature, and a great sense of humor! Many clinics, splats, and tournaments have been successfully held under his directorship. We certainly wish Barry and his wife Rose all the best on their move south. He will be greatly missed by employees and members alike. Best of luck, Barry, and don’t forget to stop by to see us whenever you are in the area!

With Barry’s departure comes the passing of the Directorship baton to Jesse Salhaus. Having played Racquetball since childhood, Jesse has a real talent and passion for the game. He is excited to share this with beginners through complimentary clinics. He also hopes to generate interest in the game amongst kids and teens. Jesse will organize clinics, splats, and tournaments, and we are very excited to have him. His racquetball and organizational skills as well as his easy, friendly personality will be a great fit with the program. Thank you, Jesse, for coming on board!