Manager’s Message

Santa Rosa


Jane Nieman, Manager

It is my pleasure to announce Hannah Burns as our new Child Care Coordinator! Please join me in congratulating Hannah on her new position. Hannah has worked in Parkpoint’s Junior Club since June 2010. Her consistent presence in the Junior Club for several years, along with her genuine love for children, makes her a natural for this position. Her ability to engage and interact with many age groups is a true asset to Junior Club. Hannah is loved by children and parents alike.

We are excited to have Hannah accept the Coordinator Position. The timing was right, with Yvonne leaving for new adventures in Seattle and Hannah recently graduating with her Masters Degree. Hannah has practice holding down the Junior Club as she assumed responsibility for Junior Club operations during Yvonne’s vacations.

We certainly thank Yvonne for her dedication to Parkpoint families and wish her well as she embraces her move to Seattle. I look forward to working with Hannah and encourage her to begin implementing some of her own creative ideas! Congratulations again, Hannah!

Etiquette Reminders

For the health and enjoyment of all of our members, when visiting the club, please remember to follow the courtesy guidelines listed below:

Swimming: All lap swimmers need to be prepared to graciously share a lane regardless if being used for lap swimming, water walking, or kick boarding. Sharing a lane is required during busy times when the pool is impacted.

During Family Swim Time, we ask lap swimmers to yield to families enjoying recreation time in the pool. Click here for details.

Fitness Floor:

  • Please observe the 30-minute rule on cardio equipment
  • Wipe down your machine with the supplied gym wipes after use
  • When performing multiple sets on weight equipment, allow other members to work in
  • Please be courteous and ask members working out in the immediate area if it is okay before turning the fans on

Cell Phone Use: Cell phones may be used in the lobby, front patio, and quietly by the pool side. Please be mindful of other members’ experience. Parkpoint is an oasis from the stresses of daily life, and using electronic devices in the locker rooms, wet areas, studios, and fitness areas are not allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Parkpoint Staff