Feeling stressed? Little or no energy? Constantly craving sweets? Can’t lose that last 5-10 pounds?

Imagine yourself clear-headed, vibrant, fit, and healthy! Eighty percent of your success in being healthy is related to NUTRITION. Even if you exercise, your diet needs to come from a variety of wholesome and healthy foods to see lasting results.

Patty Torza, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, will assist you in making the healthy changes you need to reach your goals. She has a non-dogmatic approach to nutrition that is highly individualized and results-oriented. Brochures and more info available at the Front Desk.


Why Am I Getting Sick?
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FIVE THINGS THAT KEEP YOU FAT (and What You Can Do About It!)

How did we go from being a fairly fit and healthy nation to a country that is suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer like never seen before?  Here’s why:

  1. A diet high in refined carbs. We think of the usual suspects such as pastries and the like, but most commercially prepared grains such as bread, pasta, cold cereals, pizza, wraps, rice cakes, bagels, etc. are highly refined and quickly turn to sugar in the bloodstream. Diets like these cause insulin to be secreted which directs your body to then burn the sugar, not your fat stores. Sugar not burned gets stored as body fat. Stay away from these addicting “foods.”
  2. Not eating enough FAT. Yep, that’s what I said! Being fat doesn’t come from eating fat, rather it comes from an inability to burn fat which is a direct consequence of relying on carbohydrates as a primary fuel source. If you eat fat, you will burn fat. Of course, the fats have to be from good sources (olives, avocados, grass-fed/finished meats, deep ocean fish, whole dairy, eggs, coconuts, nuts, seeds, and good oils). If you don’t eat enough fat and protein, you will surely crave carbs (especially the refined carbs).
  3. The demonization of saturated fats leading to manufactured oils. Most vegetable oils, canola oil, and even the seed oils such as almond, walnut, sunflower, and safflower oils are rancid even before going into the bottle due to over-processing. Go back to eating butter, lard, and coconut oil (the hard fats) as their saturation actually protects them from oxidation. EV olive oil is good but not for high heat cooking. Bad oils equal inflammation equal disease.
  4. Our gut microbial. Due to eating refined carbs and unhealthy fats (fried foods, oxidized fats, transfats), we have lost the diversity of bacteria in our gut. The lower the diversity, the more likely to have higher body weight and fat, insulin resistance, inflammation, and potential dysbiosis (when your gut microflora shifts out of balance). Dairy and gluten sensitivities can occur which further exacerbate the condition. Keep the gut healthy by eating whole foods (including fermented foods).
  5. Stress is a huge factor in being overweight, and sleep deprivation from it causes inflammation and disease. When cortisol stays high, you will only burn sugar, not your stored fat. Since you can’t properly absorb food, your gut microbia will change, and not for the better. Never work (or workout) to exhaustion. Build in stress busters such as music, meditation, and play, and smile more often. Find joy in life!

Now go out there and make some changes! You will look and feel healthier than ever before!

To schedule a private Nutrition Session with Patty, contact her at [email protected] or call (510) 612-1809.

Patty Torza has been in the Fitness Profession since 1973 as an athlete, teacher, administrator, coach, trainer, and lecturer. She has been a Nutrition Consultant since 2002 and became Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition in 2008. Patty counsels individuals and designs customized nutritional plans that support her client’s goals as well as their unique and individual needs. She also frequently lectures on nutrition to small and large groups. Patty believes that health is an essential human right, and that each one of us needs to pay attention to our own health & wellness and seek out health care practitioners who are willing to be our partners in health.