Staff Superstars


Congratulations to our October 2017 Smile Award Winner Heather Canini. Heather joined the Parkoint team in August 2016. She always comes to work with a smile for our members and her coworkers. She is helpful and hardworking. As one member said, “Heather is so kind, helpful, and sweet! We are so lucky to have her.” I think we can all agree! Well done on the win, Heather.

Each month’s winner is drawn from those who’ve received positive comments on our SMILE cards. Let us know who or how we’ve made you smile & help us honor our next winner! Next time you’re in, we invite you to fill out a SMILE card to honor someone who has:

  • Made your day
  • Provided an immaculate presentation
  • Lifted your spirits & inspired you
  • Facilitated an experience that is above & beyond!