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Stompers are here! Despite our current drought conditions, summer is here! Along with practicing water conversation, Parkpoint is engaging in community service and America’s favorite pastime: Baseball.
This year, we are proud to be a sponsor of Sonoma’s local semi-pro baseball team, The Stompers. Comprised of local (and not so local) talent, these men are something to see on the field. Not only can you watch them playing on our own Arnold Field, but you may catch them around the club keeping fit and relaxing after a game. Also be on the lookout for “Rawhide,” the Stomper’s mascot, taking a class or getting some mileage on a stair master.
If you see staff donning their bright orange Stomper’s t-shirt, you will know you can catch a home game that day. Schedules and ticket sales are available on the Stomper’s website, or you just might be lucky enough to win some tickets. Parkpoint will be offering many ways for members to win, so be on the lookout.







Thank you to all our members who voted Parkpoint as the BEST WORKOUT IN SONOMA VALLEY!


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Compass Health Assessment Center is a unique collaboration with Sonoma Valley Hospital and offers Health Navigation Sessions, Medical Health Metrics, Exercise Plans, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Management tools, and more!

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