The artists exhibiting at Parkpoint Health Clubs are members of the club or our very own staff. The Buchanan family (Club owners) are delighted to showcase the art of their members and staff, and feel blessed to have their clubs enjoy such beautiful work. They are grateful to have so many talented artists in all three clubs. It has been a pleasure to share their appreciation of art with all the members and Parkpoint community.

Stop by to see the current exhibits on display!

Parkpoint Sonoma is proud to currently feature the artwork of:


We have changed out the artwork here at the club! Goodbye to Sandy Young’s unique beautiful art and welcome back David Senner’s amazing photos from all over the world.

David’s work was displayed here at the club back in 2015. Remember the peaceful canoe in the lobby?

Please enjoy his serene beautiful pieces. We will plan on an art reception in the near future, when David has landed back in Sonoma after his travels!