Featured Artist


The artists exhibiting at Parkpoint Health Club are members of the club or staff. Club owners Bill and Lindy Buchanan are delighted to showcase their art, and we are blessed to have our clubs enjoy such beautiful work. Lindy Buchanan is an artist herself and is the art curator for all three of the Parkpoint clubs. Stop by to see the current exhibits on display!


Parkpoint Sonoma is proud to currently feature the artwork of Theodora Elston through July 2017.

Each new painting begins as an exploration—part intuition, inspiration, and evolution of the unexpected. After years of working with fiber as my medium, I am challenged to learn a new language with paint. My paintings sometimes traverse between spontaneous combustion in the moment and hints of subject or story as a tease and still leave room for the imagination to roam. Some current paintings reflect inspiration from fiber artwork such as the details in stitched, pieced, and quilted fabrics. What remains a constant is a fascination with color, texture, pattern, and layers.

Desert Speak

Where’s Alice

I have been a member of Parkpoint for about 20 years. I love to move to music in the company of others (especially if they’re wearing smiles) and always gravitate toward a variety of group classes.