hand holding paintbrush and palette with dabs of colored oil paints

The artists exhibiting at Parkpoint Health Clubs are members of the club or our very own staff. The Buchanan family (Club owners) are delighted to showcase the art of their members and staff, and feel blessed to have their clubs enjoy such beautiful work. They are grateful to have so many talented artists in all three clubs. It has been a pleasure to share their appreciation of art with all the members and Parkpoint community.

Stop by to see the current exhibits on display!

Parkpoint Sonoma is proud to currently feature the artwork of:

Sandy Young


Sandy Young, fitness instructor and award-winning artist, is exhibiting her new series of artwork called “Being” at Parkpoint Sonoma. “I feel that this series of art, focused on the concept of “being” and “being human” is my way of expressing ideas of connection,” states Young.

This series of work, ranging from abstract to conceptual, whimsical to zen, features one or more antique porcelain figures as representative of the human form. “My work is often psychological so I was inspired to use these imperfect forms (broken antique porcelain figures) to symbolically represent the imperfect human being. I am exploring ideas of connection, humanity, and spirituality, including aspirations, foibles, and imperfections. The artworks with kiln-formed glass overlay invite the viewer to peer into an inner dimension to find traces and symbols of the inner world, a concept that forms the central idea behind my work.”

Now broken and stained, the porcelain figures used in these artworks were once popular toys and charms. These “frozen Charlottes,” as they were called, were common in the 1860s as play toys and bath toys, and were often baked into desserts as a surprise gift. Factories would bury the defective units, and only later would the buried units be discovered. The porcelain figures used here were excavated from the grounds of a factory in Limbach, Germany, and date to the early 1860s. They had lay buried for over a century.

Sandy is the recipient of numerous prestigious art awards. Her work is held in collections throughout the United States. More information on the artist can be found at SandyYoung.com.

Join us for an Artist Reception on Friday, February 14, 5:30–7:30pm.