Ellie Walker, Club Manager

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Ned and Erika Hill started their family-owned Fifth Hill winery (named after their daughter, the fifth member of the Hill family) to make truly farm to glass wines, from only the best farms that they manage. As multi-generation Sonoma grape growers, wine is more than a past time, it is their full time—a way of life.

Son of Sonoma wine-growing pioneer Steve Hill, Ned began learning the art and science of vineyard management as soon as he could stand on his own two feet. By age 15, he was exceedingly capable in nearly every aspect of the field and knew he wanted to make vineyard management his life’s work.

Ned met Erika while growing up in Sonoma. They married after both returning to the Valley from college. With decades of experience ahead of his time and an unrelenting work ethic, Ned began La Prenda Vineyards Management, seeking to provide full-service vineyard management and consulting to some of the most popular wine brands in the Valley.

Over the years, Ned and Erika have developed four wine labels: Sonoma Collection (featured in our Parkpoint Café), Fifth Hill, La Prenda, and Happy Wife Wines. If you made it to our artist’s reception for Anina P. Fuller, you had a chance to try the La Prenda Pinot Grigio and the Fifth Hill Pickberry wines. Delicious!

We are thrilled to be carrying this fantastic local wine now at Parkpoint Sonoma.