Masters Swim is FREE to members, so if you have experience with lap swimming, can swim freestyle, backstroke, and a little breaststroke and butterfly, please join us!

Tuesdays & Thursdays 12–1pm



The Masters Swim group is taking stroke technique to a new level. Swim speaker headsets are worn by the swimmers during practice which allows them to receive stroke analysis while they swim. It is so helpful to be able to fine tune the swimmers’ technique right at the perfect moment instead of waiting until they get to the wall. Swimmers can receive instruction and attempt to make the desired correction as they are swimming which is so much more effective. In addition, the headsets are also used to motivate them during a hard butterfly set with upbeat rock music, or while they swim a leisurely backstroke finding their feel for the water with a little Mozart. Just when we thought swimming couldn’t get any more fun, along came the headsets courtesy of Hannah Philbin, a dedicated masters swimmer! Thank you, Hannah!