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Congratulations to Rene Hudson for winning the January You. Fit. monthly drawing prize of three Personal Training Sessions! Rene enjoys the friendly atmosphere, trainers on the floor who give a hand, and all the amenities Parkpoint has to offer. Enjoy your sessions, Rene!

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Parkpoint Sonoma is blessed to have eight active members who have celebrated their 90+ birthdays! We are excited to share a few words from three of them responding to questions ranging from “What is your earliest childhood memory?” to “How does Parkpoint fit into your life?”

Maria Biasetto

Maria Biasetto’s earliest childhood memory includes her young life in Northern Italy. She lived with her mother, father, and six sisters on two acres of land without the luxury of running water, electricity, or indoor plumbing. As material things were scarce, Maria recalls that her mom would shave wood to form a type of shoe so that Maria and her siblings could walk the 10 miles to school.

Maria came to the United States in 1946. She spoke no English and had just $20 in her pocket—money she had been given just before she left. In a few years’ time, Maria was able to graduate from the university with highest honors and create a very successful life in her adopted country.

“There are three keys to success,” explains Maria. “Having brain power to work with, knowing what your goals are and having the desire to achieve them, and then going for it!”

Looking to the future, Maria is hoping for serenity and continuing to contribute her power and energy. The animal kingdom is very dear to her, and she does everything she can to give a helping hand to all animals.

“Working out at Parkpoint is my job,” according to Maria. “I work out every other day religiously, and I try to do the best I can for that day.” Maria uses the fitness floor machines and finds that the club is an excellent place to socialize. “The mind controls your body, so think healthy and have a sense of humor!” is her mantra.

Florence Porter

Florence Porter’s earliest childhood memory is going with her family to the Roxie Theater in New York City. She was about three years old at the time and lived in the city.

“There is no secret to my 90+ years,” Florence claims. “It’s a crap shoot! I didn’t do anything special. I do what I like.” Florence does concede that perhaps her good attitude and outlook help, as well as sleeping and eating well.

In 1964, Florence and a girlfriend embarked on a two-year trip to see the world. They had no clear plan and as she says, “We winged it!” Their journey took them to Nepal, Afghanistan, India, the Middle East, Europe, and Jerusalem. They traveled by the usual methods in addition to ox cart and donkey when needed. The goal was to live as inexpensively as possible and to get jobs when they had to. Florence found herself working in Afghanistan for six months as secretary to the administrator of the Fulbright Commission. Eventually, she found her way to Poland where she had an extended visit with family.

When asked what news most affected her in her life, Florence explains that it was the news that she was pregnant with her daughter. “Who would have thunk it?” giggles Florence. “I was over 40 years old at the time!” Her daughter currently lives on the East Coast.

Looking ahead, Florence responds, “I look forward to another day! I try to stay in good shape and I realize that I am very lucky. I count my blessings and I am so thankful to my mother, my father, and to God.”

Staying physically active is important to Florence. She enjoys riding the bike at the club, and she really appreciates the camaraderie she finds at Parkpoint.

John Miles

John Miles’ earliest childhood memory includes a dog named Dixie. Dixie wasn’t his family dog, but John was apparently an important part of her family! Dixie, an Irish Border Spaniel, was very protective of John, and he recalls that she would pace between him and any strangers to warn them to keep their distance from him. On one occasion, Dixie knocked John to the ground causing him to roll to the side of the road to keep him from being hit by a car.

Easter Sunday was also a fond recollection. John’s dad would lay a string in the grass and as John followed its path, he would find eggs and candies. Not so fondly, he recounts that his mother would fix him Quaker Oats for breakfast each morning—and he detests it!

John claims the secret to his 90+ years is, “Immaturity! I don’t deal much with bad things—my interests are in nature. I also have good genes. My parents lived into their 80s even though my dad was a smoker.” John’s interest in cool cars and cooler airplanes might also keep him busy.

“Pearl Harbor and all of the ramifications of that event had a big impact on my life,” explains John. He joined the Navy in 1944 and was stationed in Hawaii. John is looking forward to going to see a musical group, The Irish Rovers, in March. He was able to see them when they were just getting their professional start (50 years ago!), and he would like to see them again now that they have enjoyed commercial success.

John is an active Parkpoint member and tries to attend daily. He works out on the treadmill and the fitness machines, and says, “I find that the people at Parkpoint are just delightful!”