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Congratulations to Barbara Kapner for winning the June You. Fit. Rewards monthly drawing prize of a de Young Museum annual pass! Enjoy your membership, Barbara!

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Doug Hanford, a charter Parkpoint member of 27+ years, shares his time and energy as a Board member with Teen Services Sonoma. Doug has been active with Teen Services Sonoma (TSS) for three years. Explaining how he initially became involved with the organization, “I am interested in labor and labor forces, having had a vineyard and employed members of our community. I really want to support the people that work so hard, and I am trying to give back what I can.”

The Teen Services Sonoma’s main location is in Boyes Hot Springs. Teens are invited to go to the center after school for help with homework, enrichment programs, and support with teen employment. The organization has both an on-site commercial kitchen and a bike shop in addition to running the No Name Café at Sonoma Valley High School.

Doug says, “The main flagship program is providing teens with training and support in getting their first job through the Ready to Work (RTW) program. We think this is really important. If participating teens make a commitment to learn necessary skills and practice resume writing and interviewing techniques, then we (adult volunteers) go to local employers and help these teens get their first job. Most of the teens completing the program are placed in food service jobs initially. The Breakaway Restaurant and Whole Foods are active in hiring our kids, but our employer basis is expanding to include a diversity of jobs, e.g., the Sonoma Valley Sun, the Fairmont Inn, and Sonoma Land Trust.”

The RTW program is a series of six work-readiness workshops provided at no charge. These courses lead to further learning opportunities at the Teen Services Sonoma sponsored micro-businesses: Lovin’ Oven, No Name Café, and Operation Bicycle. The Lovin’ Oven is a bakery where teens learn cooking skills by baking cookies and other tasty items that are sold in the No Name Café. Private catering services are also available which help teens learn about the business side of the food service industry. The No Name Café provides teens the experience of preparing and serving smoothies and snacks to 500 students, teachers, and administrators at the high school each day. Operation Bicycle gives teens the opportunity to refurbish and sell bicycles as well as doing valet bike parking and bike repairs while Sonoman’s enjoy the Tuesday night market in the plaza.

Parkpoint members are encouraged to check out Teen Services Sonoma on their website at to find out more details about upcoming fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. In June, the Cowboy Cab fundraising evening was very successful, and there are other local events throughout the year. Doug explains that the organization is expanding the program by partnering with the Hanna Boys’ Center to develop a Building Project that provides teens with experiences in welding, blacksmithing, and carpentry. Teen Services Sonoma is a wonderful way to involve volunteers and the youth of Sonoma Valley. Please check us out!


Pasang Sherpa, Parkpoint member since 2010, ran his very first half marathon on Sunday, July 16! Pasang says, “Running wasn’t my thing while I was growing up. But I joined Parkpoint and started doing some lifting and working out on the treadmill. I was pushing myself on the treadmill adding more miles, and then I got knee pain. I spoke to Ed Mount (personal trainer) and he suggested that my quad muscles may be tight and that I should stretch them before and after my running. It helped me so much!”

Last year, Pasang gave thought to doing some kind of a race. He noticed the lottery that Parkpoint offered to members to join in the very popular Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon. Unfortunately, his entry was not selected, but that did not deter him this year. Pasang was able to sign-up for the event with a private group and as he says, “It was a life changing experience!” Hoping to complete the 13.1 mile course in less than two hours was missed by a mere six minutes. Pasang already has his goal set on shaving extra time off his run next year.

Pasang offers a special thanks to Ed Mount, Greg Lewis, and Philip Dresser for their training advice. See you at the finish line next year, Pasang!