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Howard Sapper on an eTrike

Howard Sapper has been a Parkpoint member for almost five years and is dedicated to coming to the club. “I love Parkpoint club, because it gives me a chance to work out regularly, primarily with cardio, weights, and stretching. I also love that I’m able to work out with my daughter three days a week, after a wonderful year and a half under Ed’s tutelage.”

In addition to his commitment to Parkpoint, Howard is dedicated to many other endeavors and is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Not only is he the Founder and Executive Director of the Everybody is a Star foundation and an officer on the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights, he has recently taken on a new role as Partner and Director of West Coast Operations at eTrikeCo.

Howard and company have created eTrikeCo for people to tour the city, to get outside, and to explore life (regardless of age or ability) on battery-powered rides.

“We’ve designed the only electric tricycle (eTrike) that sits two people and gives you space for shopping bags, sports equipment, handbags, or other gear. We’ll get you where you want to go locally without worrying about parking spaces and traffic. And we’ll save you the cost of a golf cart or car. It’s our goal to give you the best eco-friendly ride available, so we provide top notch designs, great customer service, sales to consumers and businesses, and rental opportunities. We provide you with a fun, economical, and eco-friendly ride.”

The Sonoma Index-Tribune states, “Sonoma entrepreneur Howard Sapper has now brought electric tricycles to Sonoma with a new rental, sales, and tour office at 414 First St. E. in the spot formerly occupied by Himalayan Bazaar in El Paseo Alley. He’s a partner and the director of West Coast operations of eTrikeCo, working under company founder and CEO Nick Smith, who developed the start-up’s first prototypes just eight months ago…Sapper loves the accessibility of the vehicles. ‘When I’m in my car, I have glass and steel between me and the environment. But on the eTrike, you can smell the flowers as you go by,’ said Sapper. ‘You’re floating through the world at a slow enough pace to really be engaged in it but you’re moving fast enough to get there.’”

Sapper says the company is poised for rapid expansion. “There is nothing else like this on the market,” said Sapper. “We are trying to politely and respectfully change the entire vehicle landscape.”

Be sure to wish Howard well on his new endeavors next time you meet at the club. Or stop by the Grand Opening, Sunday, September 8, 1–4pm in el Paseo Court.