by LC Arisman, Certified Health Navigator & Personal Trainer

Healthy habits start here! I am excited to introduce our nutrition program reCALibrate. A long-term lifestyle approach to maximizing your metabolism and expanding your health and longevity, reCALibrate will help you cultivate healthy habits for a lasting solution.

We start by taking an honest look at your starting point: what are your current nutrition practices, how much water do you drink, how much sleep you are getting? We order blood labs and perform a body composition test, screening for Metabolic Syndrome and using that information to dial in a program specific to YOU.

Through a series of incremental adjustments, we layer improvements like coats of paint, one shift at a time, so that your body can adjust to each change, creating healthy habits that will support you throughout your life.

Ready to make your metabolism work for you? Drop me a line at and we’ll get started together!


Weight Watchers® Beyond the Scale program delivers our most holistic and personal approach ever. Move beyond the number on the scale, so you can get healthier, live happier, and lose weight: All available right here at Parkpoint! No need to find a location…we have a weekly meeting right here on-site at Parkpoint Sonoma. Come check it out Thursdays at 7am on the second floor.