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by LC Arisman, Certified Health Navigator & Personal Trainer

Here we are at the end of another year—a year that has tested our fortitude and resiliency. As we look forward to another year, I encourage you to think about what 2017 has brought you, what it revealed to you, what it fed you. Before launching into a New Year’s Resolution, take stock of where you are. What has been working for you? Where could you use a little more support?

Lasting change isn’t a switch we flip or a one-time choice we make. It is a constant commitment to ourselves. It’s easy to forget that we are worth the time and energy it takes to improve our health. And TIME really is the keystone. What can we do, and then what can we do next?

The next 365 days will pass regardless of what we do. So what will YOU do with your time? A year from now, what would you like to see as you look back on 2018? Connecting more with friends and neighbors? Improving your numbers? Being more present? Achieving a goal like a 5K or performing a pull up? You don’t need to have an answer to that right now, but start by opening your mind and asking yourself, “What is really important to me? What do I want this next year to bring me? What do I want to leave in 2017, rather than carrying it with me?” Let your mind wander, let your soul wonder, then jot it down somewhere—on a post-it, on your calendar, on a slip of paper you keep in your wallet. Commit your commitment to paper and then we can make it happen together.