LC Arisman


LC Arisman, Certified Health Navigator

Eating healthy is both simple and challenging. It doesn’t take an advanced degree to recognize foods that are good for us (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes) and those that are not (cookies, pastries, soda, fried foods, alcohol). Discerning healthful from useless is not very difficult. The challenging part comes when it’s time to change our habits. I often say that knowledge is the easy part, it’s the implementation that’s hard.

No disrespect to nutrition science, which I love, and can offer a lot of insight to the mechanics of metabolism, but most of us know what we need/want to be doing, it’s getting it started and keeping it going that’s problematic.

Getting It Started: Start Small

If you’re like me, you’re an all-in or nothing-at-all type. Don’t blame yourself, we live in an excessively binary culture. But life isn’t just black and white, go find your shades of gray. Rather than aiming for perfection, aim for just a little better than your baseline. Buy a pint of berries and snack on them during the week. Park one row farther away than usual. Take one 10-minute walk over the weekend.

Keeping It Going: Use Training Wheels

As we know, consistency is the key. So look for the little helpers that make your healthy change a little easier. Go ahead and buy the pre-cut broccoli florets. That way you only have one step (cook them!) rather than washing, cutting, cooking, then washing the knife and cutting board. It may sound lazy and indulgent, but if outsourcing some of the labor makes it more likely for you to continue the habit, that’s not lazy, it’s smart. Pre-washed salad greens may seem really unnecessary, but how many times have you had to throw out lettuce that just didn’t make it into the salad spinner? The more convenient we can make the healthy choice, the more likely we are to make that choice.

And remember, healthy habits need to be cultivated, they don’t just spring up overnight. Let yourself be a beginner, recruit your support team, and set reasonable goals! Not every pass has to be good for a touchdown. Heck, not every attempt will even get you a first down. But if we keep moving the ball down the line, bit by bit, you will get there.


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