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by LC Arisman, Certified Health Navigator & Personal Trainer

Start small: It’s tempting to do “all the things!” when making healthy changes. Suddenly, we expect ourselves to eat better and exercise daily and get eight hours of sleep each night and start a meditation practice all at once. Making changes takes a lot of energy, so set yourself up for success by creating small, achievable goals. Improve one meal a day (for example, “I will include fruit with breakfast”), or make a “most-days” goal (like “I will walk for 10 minutes four days a week”). Think of your self-improvement like a home-improvement: one coat of paint at a time.

Break it down: Say your goal is to eat fish twice a week. Visualizing a football field, that’s the goal line. Take an honest and non-judgmental look at where you are starting. If fish is currently on the menu once a month, focus on having fish twice a month, that’s your first goal. Then having it once a week is your midway goal. Once that’s happening on a regular basis, expand to twice a week, maybe not every week, but so you’re getting six servings of fish a month. Once that’s in play, it’s time to aim for twice a week on most weeks. BONUS TIP: Make a deal with yourself that when you eat out, you will order the fish! This way, you’re taking a situation that can derail your health goals and using it to boost your wellness.

Make a list: Jot down 3-5 practices that help you feel empowered, healthy, and strong—like refilling your water bottle twice a day, having a cup of tea instead of coffee, taking a walk without your phone, or including a whole grain with a meal. One good turn deserves another, and you may be surprised at the healthy snowball effect.

Start fresh: Each day is another chance. Don’t worry about yesterday, it’s done. It’s only helpful to examine our flaws if it inspires us to make a change. More often than not, when we focus on our shortcomings, we begin to believe that they define us. We are more than our mistakes. Every sunrise brings another opportunity to do something good for ourselves. Spend your energy focusing on what can work today, what will help tomorrow, rather than lamenting what went wrong yesterday.

Dig deep: Find your fire. WHY are you doing this? Why is being healthy important to you? What will it bring into your life? Health for health’s sake isn’t a compelling reason. What do you want? You are the expert on you and once you find your fire, you’ll have all the motivation you need.

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