Get a jump on your fitness with a personalized, motivating program designed especially for you by our nationally-certified staff! When you really want to improve your fitness, nothing beats one-on-one attention. Our highly qualified staff offers individual and small group personal training at reasonable rates.

Our trainers work closely with you to develop programs for a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitating after surgery or injury
  • Increasing balance & flexibility
  • Improving core strength
  • Enhancing performance for a wide range of specific sports

Fitness Floor Etiquette

In order to make your experience safe and enjoyable, please review these Fitness Floor guidelines:

  • New to the club or a fitness regimen? The Parkpoint Health Club strongly recommends members schedule orientation appointments before beginning to work out.
  • All members need to sign up for the cardio equipment—30 minutes max. Remember, when you sign up, you are guaranteeing the bike (or other piece) you like and your time slot.
  • Sharing of Equipment: During busy times on the floor while doing your sets, please allow others to “work in” on equipment between sets.
  • All children ages 11–15 must attend the Teen Fitness training program. Children between the ages of 11–13 need to be supervised by their parents at all times on the Fitness Floor. Children ages 14–15 must have a parent in the club. Please check with a trainer or at the Member Services Desk for more information about Teen Fitness.
  • As a courtesy to your fellow members, please return all free weights to their proper racks/stands when not in use.
  • When lifting heavy weights, please use a spotter to avoid injury.
  • As a courtesy to other members, please be aware of banging or dropping weights.
  • Please replace magazines and newspapers to the magazine rack and newspaper basket when you have finished with them.
  • Please return club weight belts to the hooks when through using them.
  • Food and glass bottled beverages are not allowed on the Fitness floor.
  • Got a good workout in? Be sure to wipe down your equipment for the next person.
  • For the comfort of your fellow members, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, and scented products in the club.
  • If you are unfamiliar with a particular piece of equipment, are having any difficulty with a recommended exercise, or need help in any way, please feel free to ask our Fitness Staff for assistance. If you cannot find a Fitness Staff person, please call the Front Desk on the Fitness Floor telephone (210 then Send) for assistance.


LC Arisman

LC Arisman is a certified Health Navigator (SSU) and Personal Trainer (ACE), who emphasizes functional movement, self care, and body appreciation. After a neck injury ended her dance career, she found renewed purpose helping others find their way back to a healthy lifestyle through small behavioral shifts and progressive workouts.

Mike Fahl

Mike is certified by the NASM, and specialized in hypertrophy, strength endurance, and functional styles of training. He has been involved in the wellness field since 2007. Mike began as a chef, learning to prepare nutritious foods to help individuals meet their health goals. He then began personal training to further help people lead full, healthier lives.

Greg Lewis

Awarded Best Personal Trainer in 2017 through the Sonoma Index Tribune‘s People Choice Awards

Greg has been interested in fitness for many years and started lifting weights in high school. He is recently certified through NASM and is a multi-record holding power lifter and competitive body builder. He specializes with individuals looking to increase core strength and helping members redefine their high intensity cardio. He is currently continuing his education toward a degree in Kinesiology, with a focus on expanding his knowledge of fitness and health to assist members with their personal health goals. His hobbies include art, sculpting, hiking, and biking.

Beth Mondry

Beth has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Human Movement. She has worked in the industry as a Personal Trainer for over 15 years and holds the ACE certification. Beth also teaches adult water fitness and mommy and me classes with children from 6 months to 3 years old. Beth’s focus is to help people reach their goals and maximize their time at the gym in a safe and fun manner. She can help you in lots of areas with: weight loss, muscle tone and strength, balance, and cardiovascular stamina. When she’s not teaching or training, she is chasing around her 3-year-old daughter Lily. When she’s old enough, Lily and Beth will ride bicycles together.

Ed Mount

Awarded Best Personal Trainer in 2016 through the Sonoma Index Tribune‘s People Choice Awards

Ed is a Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and Certified Fall Proof / Balance Instructor. He also has certificates of training in diabetes, cancer, cholesterol issues, pre- and post-natal and post-physical therapy exercise. He specializes in high intensity sports and functional training for individuals of all ability levels.

Desiree Navarro

Desiree is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Hatha Yoga Instructor with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing along with a Juris Doctorate degree. Her weekly routine includes swimming, yoga, hiking, and strength and flexibility training. She enjoys working with people of all levels to inspire them to maximize their fitness, health, and wellness goals.

Kim Pauley

Kim is Pilates Certified through Carol Appel Pilates Plus and Stamina Mind*Body Fitness in both Mat and Reformer. Kim has been the Group Exercise Director at the Sonoma Club since 1982 and a Certified Personal Trainer and Instructor through (ACE) American Council on Exercise for over 25 years. She enjoys all types of personal training including training with weights, the Pilates Reformer, and Pilates Mat Training. Kim is conscientious with her clients to make sure that they are trained according to their particular fitness level, as well as other body considerations of the client. Phone (707) 695-8528

Mel Salada

Mel has nearly 30 years in personal training experience, ranging from post-acute rehabilitation to sport-specific training. His background includes a B.S. in Exercise Science, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA, Exercise is Medicine credential with ACSM, Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Coach with USAW, Pilates Allegro Reformer with Polestar Pilates, and a Personal Training Certification from CSUS. His competitive background in Olympic Weightlifting and Bodybuilding has given Mel a great understanding of the limits of the human body. His education has taught him the balance of specification vs. diversity. Decades in the health profession have brought on the knowledge of how to make exercise, recreation, and functional movement a lifelong enjoyable experience.

Ramiro Vasquez

After seven years of self-training, Ramiro sought and achieved his certification through NASM in 2014. He has a training style dedicated to a free weight/body weight style approach. He has mastered body building/power lifting training techniques. He continues his growth in the fitness field by incorporating new training styles to his regimen, enabling him to work with a wide variety of clientele. Fitness is a “joyful passion” for Ramiro. He aspires to show the world how the beauty of fitness can help in all aspects of life.