Pilates Personal Training


As a Parkpoint member, you are entitled to a complimentary 30-minute Pilates orientation. To use this benefit, simply sign up at the Front Desk and schedule a time to learn about the many benefits of practicing Pilates. We look forward to seeing you in the Studio!


Saturday, May 6: Pilates Day is an annual, international event celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year. The day spotlights the joy of Pilates—in health, community, and quality of life. Experience this amazing movement system and feel fantastic! Stop by and see if Pilates is right for you. Watch for more info to be posted at the Sonoma Parkpoint Club.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” —Joseph H. Pilates


  • Tuesdays 6–7am (Sarah) (limit 3)
  • Wednesdays 6–7am (Sarah) (limit 3)


Members who are Pilates Reformer-trained may practice in our Pilates Studio!

  • Sundays 12–1pm (Doug) (no limit)
  • Mondays 9–10am (Sarah) (limit 3)
  • Wednesdays 11am–12pm Johanna (limit 3)
  • Thursdays 6–7pm (Doug) (limit 3)
  • Saturdays 8–9am (Rickee) (no limit)


  • Must be approved by Parkpoint Pilates Trainer
  • No longer required to have an ‘active’ Pilates package
  • Monthly flat fee $25
  • Can attend any or all sessions (some sessions will be limited to 3 attendees)


Always wanted to try Pilates Reformer? Now’s your chance to extend the great benefits you get from mat classes by challenging yourself even more—on the Reformer! Come join the FUN and feel your body!

4-Session Series: $88 per member for 1-hour sessions
Class size limited to 6


1 Session (55 min) for $35 (½ price)


  • This is for “first-timers” ONLY (Intended to introduce the Reformer and to show it’s abundant benefits for the physically fit, as well as, practical for “rehab” individuals)
  • If you took advantage of the “free” reformer classes previously offered, you are NOT eligible for this special offer
    Only “ONE” session total per person at this discounted rate
  • Call a trainer listed below to set up an appointment*
  • Purchase your ticket at the Front Desk and be sure to indicate that this is for the one-time introduction rate of $35

*Actual training times will vary with each trainer—you will need to call & set up your training day and time directly with her.


Restorative Pilates provides all the benefits of Pilates, but at a slower pace and with lower impact. A gentle approach to classic Pilates, Restorative Pilates is designed for those who require carefully monitored exercises to increase strength, stability, and balance. The results will increase functionality and ease of movement.

  • Wednesdays 9–10am (Johanna) (limit 3)
  • Wednesday 10–11am (Johanna) (limit 3)

Physical limitations will be addressed and exercises will be designed to accommodate those limitations while achieving the benefits of Pilates—a body in balance. Please contact Johanna Avery at (707) 934-0550 for more information.


Johanna Avery

Johanna is experienced in all Pilates disciplines on equipment and mat for all levels of competency. She was certified through Core Dynamics in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2006 and has been a Pilates instructor continuously since. Her other certifications include PMA (2011) and Pink Ribbon Pilates (2013) for breast cancer survivors. She enjoys working with a wide range of clients, from competitive athletes to clients with serious physical limitations. Phone (707) 934-0550

Marri Lemaire

Marri was trained and certified in Pilates through ITT with Madeline Black and A Body of Work with Jean Sullivan in San Francisco in 2004. She found Pilates after an extensive injury and lengthy rehabilitation that changed her life and relationship with her body. After working intensively with a talented trainer, she knew she found her new calling and became a certified instructor. Marri sees Pilates as a wonderful adjunct to all other sports and physical activities as well as being an extremely fulfilling physical modality on its own. Marri recently received her Certified Health Navigator diploma from Sonoma State University, helping patients and individuals realize their health goals and navigating the sometimes very complicated medical system with people undergoing long term illnesses and diagnoses, in addition to being a Registered Nurse with a CRRN certification, specializing in Rehabilitation. Phone (707) 337-9291

Doug McBee

Doug first became trained to teach group exercise in 2013 through AFAA, and began teaching at Parkpoint and elsewhere soon after. Later that year, he was certified to teach mat Pilates through BASI Pilates, then went on to complete yoga teacher training in 2014, and became a cycling instructor the same year. In 2015 he went back to BASI and completed the comprehensive teacher training course on all Pilates apparatus, and began teaching in the Pilates studio at Parkpoint in January 2016. A male instructor is a rare breed, and Doug can sympathize with issues common to men. He is eager to share with everyone the many benefits working on apparatus has to offer. Phone (707) 774-5579

Diala Naser-Kassis

Diala grew up outside the United States, and was not aware of Pilates until 2009. While attending college, she was introduced to the Pilates Method as she pursued her degree in Bachelors of Art. Within less than a year of practicing Pilates with Kinesiology Instructor Sarah Artha, Diala noticed a deeper connection between her mind and body. She felt alive again, renewed and rejuvenated. Inspired, Diala went on to further educate herself in the Pilates Method, and has chosen to become a teacher to share the benefits of Pilates with others. Diala is currently a fully certified trainer through the College of San Mateo and Balanced Body™. She has worked with clients of all ages and levels, and enjoys watching her students benefit the way she has. Her goal is to inspire and motivate people, helping them realize their body’s full potential. Diala’s classes incorporate her joy of movement, with a focus on breathing and stretching, for a workout that is both challenging and fun! Diala continues to attend workshops and conferences to expand her knowledge in Pilates. Phone (650) 270-5388

Kim Pauley

Kim is Pilates Certified through Carol Appel Pilates Plus and Stamina Mind*Body Fitness in both Mat and Reformer. Kim has been the Group Exercise Director at the Sonoma Club since 1982 and a Certified Personal Trainer and Instructor through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for over 25 years. Kim enjoys all types of Personal Training including training with weights; the Pilates Reformer or Pilates Mat Training. Kim is conscientious with her clients to make sure that they are trained according to their particular fitness level, as well as other body considerations of the client. Phone (707) 695-8528

Enrica Poore

Enrica started her exercise career 23 years ago as a Group Ex Instructor and Personal Trainer in the field of Fitness. Her interest in fitness for the whole body led her to expand her training to include Pilates and Aqua Aerobics. She has 11 years of Pilates training and was certified with Monica Anderson (Gold Certified Pilates Method Alliance Teacher) and through Stott Pilates International. She also holds certifications through ACE and AFAA. Enrica encourages her students to explore aqua aerobics. This is an excellent way to get a super cross-training to complement all types of fitness programs. Besides having awesome resistance factors built in, the water is also forgiving to any injuries that might be holding a current exerciser back from doing other physical activities. Enrica has always been sensitive to the need of mixing up exercise routines to see a greater change in overall health. She is dedicated to working with her clients to develop a program that brings each person a wonderful sense of strength, awareness, balance, and well-being. Phone (702) 743-5421

Rickee Raney

Rickee has been engaged in the practice of Pilates since 2000 when she first discovered Pilates via mat classes at Parkpoint Club. Her work with the Pilates apparatus began a few years later following a rotator cuff injury, where she found complete relief from pain and impingement. She received her training and certification through ITT at A Body of Work in San Francisco and with Madeline Black at Studio M in Sonoma in 2007-2008. She is also a nationally-certified Pilates Method Alliance trainer. Rickee comes from a Ballet/Jazz dance background and has employed the use of yoga, cardio, and weight work as a compliment to her daily Pilates practice. She delights in passing on her Pilates knowledge to assist clients toward better access and improvement of the body’s dynamics related to alignment, mobility, and strength, as well as bringing benefit to life’s daily activities and enhancement of overall well-being. Phone (415) 309-4904

Sarah Shipley

A group fitness instructor for over 20 years, Sarah has been teaching Pilates since 2006. She received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification in 2014 from Balanced Body after completing Pilates Mat, Reformer, Chair, Barrel, Trapeze Tower (Cadillac), and Barre training with the majority of her study in California. Sarah previously resided in Bloomington, Illinois, where she taught Pilates mat and equipment classes and private training sessions. The challenge and diversity of Pilates is what Sarah says holds her interest, and she enjoys helping others learn and practice Pilates. In addition to Pilates, Sarah holds certifications in Group Exercise, Personal Training, TRX, Spinning, Zumba, and Zumba Gold. Sarah enjoys working with a variety of clients and providing a safe workout that is unique to individual goals and needs. Sarah has five years of teaching experience for Aqua. Sarah loves teaching Aqua because it’s a class that all ages and fitness levels can enjoy. One of the things that Sarah most enjoys sharing with her classes is fun, upbeat music and her own energy. And she especially loves the smiles that she sees from the folks in the pool! Phone (309) 830-4254