Staff Superstars


Congratulations to our January 2018 Smile Award winner:


“Roberto is quiet and very observant. He is flexible and always willing to help out.” —J.T.

“ProActive! Called ahead to make sure he was set up for his first “Manager on Duty” shift. Thank you!” —Steph C.

Each month’s winner is drawn from those who’ve received positive comments on our SMILE cards. Let us know who or how we’ve made you smile & help us honor our next winner! Next time you’re in, we invite you to fill out a SMILE card to honor someone who has:

  • Made your day
  • Provided an immaculate presentation
  • Lifted your spirits & inspired you
  • Facilitated an experience that is above & beyond!


Wrapping up 2017, we would like to say Parkpoint not only has the finest members in Sonoma Valley, but the most dedicated staff members as well. We would like to congratulate the following employees on their special anniversaries this past year:


  • Tina Simpson: Amazing Zumba & PiYo Instructor. Check it out! Mondays 5:45pm & Wednesdays 9:15am
  • Stephanie Kerkechian: Looking to sweat? Join her classes: TRX Wednesdays 5:45pm, Body Shred Wednesdays 9:15am, & Spin Tuesdays 6:15am.


  • Barbara Bloom: Teaches BIO/Tabata Method Thursdays 12:15pm. Great class to get in touch with your body!
  • Charleen Price: Has been teaching Saturday Aqua Class for years! “I started at Parkpoint in 1991 and over the years have instructed many different kinds of classes. In that time, I found the management, staff, and members to be a wonderful, supportive community that supports ongoing health and wellness for people of all ages.”


  • Julie Reiter: If you are a regular Sunday member, you will always see Julie’s smiling face throughout the club helping members and staff.


  • Sandy Young: Teaches 4+ classes/week, bringing her expert fitness experience to all her classes. She is great with modifications & teaches to all levels.
  • Sue Albano: Check out Body Rock Thursdays 5:45pm & be prepared to move it! Sue also teaches Yoga Soul Fridays 6am. “Parkpoint Health Club has heart and soul. The most consistent and thoughtful company I’ve ever worked for, always striving to make things better for clients and employees as well. Super caring, understanding, compassionate, fair, and considerate owners and management. Feels like family.”
  • Jim Shafer: Everyone knows Jim! He is our Repairs/Maintenance Director who can & does repair anything in the club! He also changes many hats, and might have been the person who signed you up at the club!


  • Mark Dennis: Has been teaching Wed/Fri 8am Yoga for 25 years at Parkpoint and each time he teaches, his students continue to learn about their bodies and continue to stay in shape.
  • Kymry Borkenhagen: 25-year instructor at Parkpoint. She has been teaching water aerobics, Zumba, and cardio classes for everyone. Catch her early morning 6am classes to start the day right!