Staff Superstars


Congratulations to our February 2017 Smile Award Winner Celia McArdle. In the short six months since Celia started working at Parkpoint, she has made a huge impact with our members and staff. Celia works the Front Desk, Maintenance, and Junior Club, and enjoys every minute she is here. She recently became an opener on Wednesday mornings and now has a whole new group of member friends. Celia helps out wherever she can, covers shifts, and is a team player! When not working at the club, she is working out! A great model for us all!

Congratulations to our March 2017 Smile Award Winner Audrey Pratt. Audrey is our new cycle superstar! She comes with lots of experience and our members are thrilled to have her here!
Welcome Audrey to our prestigious team of amazing instructors!


Each month’s winner is drawn from those who’ve received positive comments on our SMILE cards. Let us know who or how we’ve made you smile & help us honor our next winner! Next time you’re in, we invite you to fill out a SMILE card to honor someone who has:

  • Made your day
  • Provided an immaculate presentation
  • Lifted your spirits & inspired you
  • Facilitated an experience that is above & beyond!


Shannon Lock, a member of Parkpoint’s Junior Club staff, had her baby! Darwin was born on April 1, 2017, weighing 9 lbs. 2 oz. and measuring 21 inches long. He joined his 3½-year-old sister Eleanor to make a busy household for Shannon and her husband Mike! Shannon reports that luckily Darwin is a good sleeper but she finds herself pretty exhausted. She plans to return to Junior Club when life settles down a bit. Congratulations to Shannon and family!