Lilly Goessling

Thanks for making our members smile!

“She is excellent!” —F.M.
“Very talented & versatile…love her classes!” —J.D.

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John Gurney, Parkpoint member for over 20 years (and a favorite cycle instructor), has found himself as the Executive Director of the Sonoma Community Center (SCC) in his “free” time! Describing his job, John laughs, “This job is over full-time, maybe even a triple full time job—not sure I’ve ever worked this hard!”

John’s experience as police chief for 12 years and working in private industry in the banking and the oil industries all laid a strong foundation for his current gig. “I had been working for a long time and made the decision, it would be nice to come back to Sonoma and work with a community-based organization,” John explains.

Continuing, John says, “The mission of the community center is to brighten lives. We do that by providing great programs and opportunities for people to come in and use their creativity. SCC provides arts, culture, live performance theater, and all sorts of activities for the community. We also serve as the pseudo recreation arm for the city. We have strong ceramics and fine arts programs, in addition to culinary arts. We offer movement arts (including yoga and Pilates), not to compete with Parkpoint but to provide a different kind of workout experience.”

“For many years the SCC had a contract with the city to provide emergency volunteer services. It was activated for the very first time during the October 2017 fires. We were operational for 9 days and activated 500 volunteers, most of whom helped out at the local shelter—our high school.”

All of this takes place in a 102-year-old building (going live with solar energy next week!) which was the original grammar school in town. After serving Sonoma students for many years, Dr. Carole Andrews bought the building and converted it into our community center. John and his staff have “big visions for providing love and care to this magnificent building. Replacing all the windows on the east side of the center is in the immediate future, funding provided by an ‘Adopt-A –Window’ project.” John suggests that club members watch for details on the window adoption in the Valley of Moon magazine, and with other local advertisers. Adoption will run about $1,500 per window as the other half of the cost is being underwritten by a local donor.

“A lot of local people have never really visited the building,” John admits. We want to educate the community to all the benefits of being a member. An SCC member enjoys all of the center’s classes, programs, and performances. Membership is not required but provides discount opportunities—great for trying something new. He hopes you all will drop by the center for a tour, or check in with him with your questions!

Besides working at the community center, John works out at the club, mainly with cycling and swimming. He teaches cycle classes on Tuesday mornings and every other Thursday evening. When asked how Parkpoint influences his life, John responded, “It’s a wonderful fitness center. Everybody needs exercise and I benefit by coming in regularly, plus trying out different  other workouts. The club offers a great social atmosphere for members and friends at the club.”

It has been whispered that John recruits volunteers for the center during his Tuesday 7am cycle class!