Staff Superstars


Congratulations to our May 2017 Smile Award Winner Alicia Howlett.

Alicia was recognized for “Cleaning the microwave and doing an awesome job!”

“Love working with her…She is on it all the time! Always with a smile”! —Lorrie

Each month’s winner is drawn from those who’ve received positive comments on our SMILE cards. Let us know who or how we’ve made you smile & help us honor our next winner! Next time you’re in, we invite you to fill out a SMILE card to honor someone who has:

  • Made your day
  • Provided an immaculate presentation
  • Lifted your spirits & inspired you
  • Facilitated an experience that is above & beyond!


Our very own Parkpoint employees Sue Pitman and Greg Lewis participated in the 5K GunBunFunRun and Napa-to-Sonoma Half Marathon, respectively. Sue was the highest placing local runner, finishing 59th overall with a time of 40:16. Very impressive, Sue! This was Greg’s first half marathon. He came in at a respectable time of 3:13 (with one week of training!). Congrats to both Sue and Greg for their achievements!