Swim Lessons / Clinics

2018 Swim Instructors (from left): Mia Benstead, Dominic Tomassi, Abby Parr, Grace Turner, Twyla Summers, Dominic Fiorito, Tucker Pierce. Not pictured: Laura Couchman

Whether your goal is to conquer your fear of the water, learn proper technique, or prepare for a competitive event, we can get you there. Why choose swimming?

  • Consistent swimming tones the body
  • Greatly improves cardiovascular health
  • Lengthens muscles without breaking them down


Private & semi-private kids lessons are available weekends 2:30–4pm while the weather remains warm.

Contact Stephanie at (707) 996-3111 to check availability and schedule lessons.


Jana Fiorito swam competitively as a child in Novato for Indian Valley Aquatics, and in college at UC Santa Barbara. She worked at Ann Curtis School of Swimming for eight years under the direction of Ann Curtis, a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Currently, Jana has her own swim school—Sonoma Swim School—where she teaches kids and adults during the summer months and is a member of the US Swim School Association. She also is our Master Swim instructor here at the club and has been coaching for many years to the pleasure of our many members! If you are interested in adult private or semi-private swim lessons, call or text Jana at (707) 337-4171 or email [email protected].