CompassHere’s what clients have to say about the benefits of Compass:

“I highly recommend this program to anyone that was like me in need of support and encouragement. Compass gave me what I needed to get out of my chair and do what I needed to do. My VA Doctor and my Sonoma Valley Doctor said I needed to get my diabetes, blood pressure, and weight under control. I am now on the road to improvement by losing weight, improving my flexibility, and increasing my strength and endurance. My blood pressure, weight, and diabetes are under control. I know I need to keep up the work, but now I have the tools to work with, thanks to Mel and LC. Compass has given me strength and encouragement and most of all—the motivation to keep me on the right track. I look forward to playing with my grandchildren this summer. Sincerely and with a big THANK YOU.” —J.W.

“LC Arisman (Health Coach/CHN) is awesome! She’s really motivating and realistic about helping me set goals. It’s really interesting to learn exactly how much “excess fat” I have. I can’t keep using the excuse that “muscle weighs more than fat” any more! There are so many fad diets, I wasn’t sure what I should be eating. LC has my plate looking like 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 lean protein, and 1/4 whole grain. I’ve never felt better!” —Jean P.

Cath W., Parkpoint member since 2012, had given up on her athletic self. She had sustained injuries over the years and after being sidelined for two years after a bad ankle break, and she joined Parkpoint in the hopes of getting her life back again. Cath joined the Restorative Training Program through Compass and started working with Ed Mount (certified personal trainer and functional training specialist) several days a week. Ed assessed Cath’s posture and her physical movement patterns to see exactly where her body was out of balance. Injuries cause our bodies to compensate, and in doing so they can cause us to stand, sit, lie, and move in ways that do not support health. Ed specializes in working with clients to correct imbalances to improve overall health, wellness, and movement. Because of her work through Compass, Cath no longer fears reaching for something with that underlying fear that many of us experience, “Is my back going to go out this time?” Her body mechanics for everything have changed and she feels better moving in her daily life. Cath claims, “I would starve before I would give up Ed’s training.” Can’t be much of a better recommendation than that!